What is the story of RUNES about?

RUNES tells the story of a legendary viking named Egil Skallagrimsson. He is the title character of a classic book titled "Egils Saga", written by Norwegian poet Snorri Sturlason in the early part of the 13th century. The RUNES event has been conceived of as "PsychoCinema", or a movie of the imagination: a complete musical score written around an original story, where the participant reads the story, listens to the music, and produces the images in his or her own mind.

What are Runes?

In Norse mythology and legend, "Runes" carries a double meaning:

Runes were small stones or pieces of wood with magical symbols carved into them. It was thought that one could foresee the future by casting (tossing) the Runes and interpreting their meanings from the pattern they formed.

The carvings and decorations left in stone by the Vikings are also referred to as Runes or Runestones. Knowing what to carve and how to arrange it was also viewed as a somewhat magical art, and runes were often carved to memorialize a great warrior or an important victory.

In the story of RUNES, both meanings are valid -- while the Runic amulets were treasured as a way to fortell the future and to better serve the Gods, the carving of Runes in stone was a way leave behind an enduring mark symbolizing the glory of the Vikings and their conquests. In effect, the casting of Runes held the promise of the future, while the carving of Runes held the promise of the past.

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